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Who we are

MHMPA is a membership-based Alliance with membership of UN, Bilateral agencies, INGOs, NGOs, civil societies, media, private sector, researchers, academicians, national celebrities and other individuals interested and active in the field of menstruation. MHMPA works on public awareness/education, policy advocacy, innovation and research around dignified menstruation and menstrual health and hygiene in Nepal.

It also positions itself as an advisory network for the Government of Nepal and helps in facilitating knowledge management for decision making at national and sub national levels. The Alliance is an informal, loose network with no membership charges. Anyone working in menstruation and related area is eligible to become a member.

MHMPA is currently providing TA support to the National Planning Commission especially to develop MHH indicators to include in 16th five-year plan and contribute to the formulation of policy on dignified menstruation.

Menstrual Health and Hygience Management Partners’ Alliance (MHM PA)


A country where Dignified Menstruation becomes a reality and is practiced everyday by everyone.


MHM PA is determined to extend collaboration with government stakeholders, non-government organizations and private partners through evidence-based policy advocacy, by providing learning resources and technical assistance to create an enabling environment for Dignified Menstruation.

Menstrual Health and Hygience Management Partners’ Alliance (MHM PA)


  • Strengthened coordination mechanism among various sectors- education, health, gender, water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH), human rights on the issues/agenda of dignified menstruation
  • Empowered communities (duty bearers and right holders) to promote practice of dignified menstruation
  • Improved overall knowledge on MHM
  • National and local Policy on MHM in place
  • Establish a sustainable knowledge sharing platform
  • Including MHM topics in School curriculum/textbook/education materials