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Menstrual Hygiene in South Asia – A Snapshot from Nepal




WaterAid Nepal

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  • A ‘dignified menstrual movement’ is taking place in Nepal that has led to growing policy awareness about the health, education, and social consequences of poor menstrual hygiene, harmful attitudes, and menstrual practices.
  • The Government of Nepal (GoN) has allocated USD 15.2 million to provide free, compostable sanitary pads to 130,000 girls of menstruation age studying in public schools in 2020-2021.
  • The formation of the MHM Partners’ Alliance (MHM PA) in 2017 strengthened inter-sectoral coordination and advocacy for dignified menstruation; there are over 80 members (UN, I/NGOs, bilateral agencies, civil socities, media, activists, etc.).
  • MH Goodwill Ambassadors include: in 2018, Ms Evana Manandhar (Miss Nepal 2015); in 2019, Ms Priyanka Karki (actor); and in 2020, Ms Keki Adhikari (actor).
  • The GoN updated the school curriculum on MH education, practice, and taboos for Grade 5 and above