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Media Coverage on Menstruation 2021


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Over the years, Menstrual Health and Hygiene Management (MHM) has become an important area of study in different parts of the world. It has gained immense importance over the last decade. Lack of WASH facilities, cultural and traditional barriers often make it difficult for women and girls to live normal lives during their menstruation. Over the last decade, advocating for dignified menstruation and menstrual health has become a global issue and many countries have started working on these areas.

As we all understand that in Nepal, the media plays an important role in providing latest and updated news along with opinion pieces, blogs and columns that have brought forward thoughts and ideas of common people. Media has also been helping and supporting in provoking information on menstruation, raising awareness and increasing access to information. Therefore, it only makes sense that media supports the menstrual health movement that has been going on for many years now.

We believed it was time to look into the media’s focus on menstruation and how much coverage the topic has been given in the past year. With the increase in reach across different parts of Nepal, the media’s role in developing perceptions of people has also increased.